Prices represented here are for Single Family Homes, Single Apartments, & Single Condo Units. Duplexes are per side.

Multi-unit complexes, Hotels, etc. are defined as commercial photography & have a different pricing structure which can be found here.

Please Note…If you are in need of a re-shoot another photographer did, we offer a 10% discount on those shoots.

Package A: Up to 24 High Resolution Photos/Up to 1500 finished Sq. Ft. $135.00

Package B: Up to 30 High Resolution Photos/1500-3000 finished Sq. Ft. $175.00

Package C: Up to 45 High Resolution Photos/3000-4500 finished Sq. Ft $250.00

Package D: Up to 65 High Resolution Photos/4500-6500 finished Sq. Ft $300.00

Package A-D Add On’s:

Twilight: $50.00

Additional Photos above Package Limit: $7.50 each

Weather Exterior Reshoot: $50.00

Cancellation: with less than 24 hours’ notice $75.00

Expedited Processing: $50.00 (24hr from shoot turn around service)

Neighborhood Amenities (Within MLS Guidelines): $25.00

DVD: $20.00

Added Travel Expense: In excess of 40 miles round trip from Damon’s Photography within Zip Code 37419 will be $.50 per mile. **This does not include destination shoots.

Destination Listings: listings in and around Atlanta, Knoxville, Nashville, Birmingham, & Huntsville: Add $275 to base price