Commercial Buildings: $250 hr/$1650 day (8 hrs) Minimum 1 hr.  + Licensing

**Commercial property listings include Apartment Buildings, Condo Buildings, Shopping Malls, Stand Alone Businesses, and Property rentals.

Commercial Twilight Shoots: $250 hr. (Overnight Shoots Available)

Product Shoots*: $200 per hour + Licensing. Smaller products can be done in house. While larger products we will shoot at your location.

*Jewelry Products: Vary depending on products.

Food Shoots: $50 per plate plus Licensing (Damon’s Photography does employ a chef on staff)

Promotional Shoots: $200.00 Hr. + Licensing

**Promotional Shoots are done for the purpose of advertising your business, whether it is billboard, flyer, print media, or social media.


Dealership Photos: $50 Per Vehicle/5 Vehicle Minimum. Bulk over 20 vehicle discount available

Personal Used Vehicle Listing Photos (Includes Under 20' Boats): $50 Per Vehicle - Yahoo Auto,, Auto Trader, Etc. 

Specialty Vehicles & Race Cars: $150.00 Minimum per vehicle. Special requests available for additional cost. 

Luxury Rentals: $150.00 Per Vehicle (Includes Usage) - Lamborghini,  Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentley, Porsche, Etc. 

DuPont Registry Photos for Cars, Trucks, & Boats: $250.00 Per Vehicle (Includes Usage)

Rental Vehicles: $50.00 Per Vehicle

Stock Photo Licensing: Available upon request

Rights/Usage/License Pricing: Discuss direct with individual client.

All images remain the copy written property of Damon’s Photography. Damon’s Photography reserves the right to use any photos for our own marketing and branding without notifying the subject of such usage.  When purchasing usage rights/licensing you are purchasing the right to use the photo/photos for a stated specific use for a specific time frame.

Photos that are licensed for use are not allowed to be edited without the express written consent of Damon’s Photography.