Stop doing this...immediately!

We all as content creators have things that annoy us within the industry and things that we would like to see people not do. Well I am here to give you some advice so keep on reading. 

You know that photographer that is always in the way? Or the one that completely over processes their photos? What about the one that that posts out of focus photos on their social media account and is proud of them? We all know those people, in fact you might be one of those people. So I have some advice for all content creators. 

Here is what I want all of you to stop doing immediately...Stop worrying about what the hell the other person is doing and worry about what you need to do to create content, get jobs, sell content, and pay your bills while building your brand! That's right, stop worrying about the other person. 

The fact is that we live in a generation where everything is available to us 24 hours a day. Whether it's news, food, shopping, or anything in between. So our brain is consumed with more information than it can process and half the information isn't worth processing to begin with. We worry about why some slackass hack is getting jobs that we should be getting. We worry about whether we should buy the newest gear. We worry about how many damn Instagram followers we have. Instead of pissing away all your time worrying about crap you can't and won't control, how about we get back to worrying about our own businesses and making them stand out above the Craigslist weekend warrior. 

Today as a matter of fact I had a lengthy conversation with the string pullers that I have to go through for access and was told that it wasn't going to happen. After having access, it has been taken away. Does it piss me off, your damn right it does, am I going to dwell on it, absolutely not. I can't let what others do and their narrow mindedness stop me from growing the business. You move on and work on something else. Work on getting those weddings booked, or those real estate listing shot. 

Some people want to make up excuses on why they don't get the gig or the gear. Simple fact is that I am guilty of this in the past too. I have complained about this, that, and everything in between. I have lost sleep wondering why some halfass hack makes 10's of thousands of dollars while I am trying to figure out how to pay for groceries. Welcome to the world in which we live in. We live in a world where everyone gets a damn award for something. A world where if you don't pay a person a compliment on a shitty photo you're an asshole. 

Everyone has the ability to be successful in their own way. And only you can define what is successful to you. You have to decide whether that other crap is going to consume your mind, or if you are just going to concentrate on your product, your brand, and your success. My suggestion to you is simple though...STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE COMPETITION!