The Top 6 Mistakes Executives Make

While I discuss a lot of the time how to better your business in regards to photography, today I am going to tell you some of the mistakes that Corporate Executives and business owners in all industries make when not using the right photographer. 

1. Amateur Head Shots

This might be the biggest mistake that professionals make. If you go to any Fortune 500 companies website and look at the list of executives along with their company photo, you will be able to tell the difference between companies that use the correct photographer, and those that just use a basic point and shoot or Dslr with a kit lens. The same applies for any type of professionals, like Lawyers, Doctors, etc. 

2. Boring Head Shots

If you are a professional, why do you have head shots that look like your junior year of high school? You have that background that is boring and literally looks like  the one from your high school year book. As a professional, you are in a position of power and your photos should convey that. Stop allowing yourself to look like this is high school. 

3. Think Outside the Box

This goes back to using boring backgrounds. Why not do something outdoors. Mix it up a little bit. Make yourself seem accessible to your employees and to your clients. You don't wear a suit 24 hours a day. Let your hair down and relax as well. 

4. Employee's Are Important Too

If you own a business, you rely on your employees to keep your business going and keep you making money. They should also have the opportunity to have great work related photos. The better that your employees look, the better that your company looks as well. Stop making your employee photos look like they were taken at the DMV. 

5. Stop the Stuffiness

You are a human being, not a robot. When your photos are done correctly, people will assume that you have no personality at all. You need to connect with the photographer. Convey some fun, and actually enjoy it. If there is music you like, tell the photographer about it. Anything to lighten the mood and enjoy the shoot. 

6. Take Group Photos

Stronger in numbers. When someone searches for your company, they should be able to find a great photo of your company. That means a big group photo of your employees.  Large group photos also convey that your employees are more like a big family. Never forget that sometimes the way you present your company to people in a still photo is how they determine whether to use you.  

With all of that said, what are you as a professional going to do? I don't care if you are in Real Estate, Heath Care, Insurance, Law, Manufacturing, etc. it applies to all fields of business. It's time to start making investments in your future, and your public perception. So find a photographer that is going to make your much more interesting to future clients and other business professionals.!