10 Pieces of Photo Gear Under $100.00

'Tis the season for photo gear purchases. That's right, we are just days away from Christmas Day. This means it's time to look at what you are going to spend that Christmas gift money on.

Below is going to be a list of ten items under $100.00 that can be bought at Adorama.com This gear is stuff that is affordable and should be in every bag or case.  Won't matter if you are shooting with Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. I personally shoot with only Nikon, but this list will work across the board.

1. WD My Passport Ultra 2TB USB 3.0 Secure Portable Hard Drive, Black (2015) $94.85                  Now who doesn't need extra storage? This is a great drive to keep with you whether you are      traveling or just to stay at home. 2TB drive for under $100 is a great deal. 

2. BlackRapid Wrist Breathe Camera Strap with FR-5 FastenR5 Breathe $39.95                                This is my mind is a must have no matter you are using a compact camera or a full size pro        DSLR.  We use this on a Nikon D7100 and sometimes on a Nikon D3 on a regular basis. Get        one,  use it, and you will never look back.

3. Yongnuo External Hotshoe Flash $60.00-$100.00                                                                         If you are looking to add an external flash and not wanting to spend a big chunk of your           money just to get into it, look at these flashes.

4. Westcott 2004 32" Soft Silver Umbrella - Fiberglass Frame $18.45                                               This is a must buy for those shooting any off camera flash. It's easy to carry and easy to use.     No fumbling around with a large softbox. The fact is that Westcott is also the best out there       when it comes to lighting modifiers.        

5. Maha PowerEx MH-C801D Eight Cell 1-Hr Charge for AA/AAA Batteries $61.63                             I own one of these and never leave home without it. The ability to charge this many batteries     at one time, along with the super short charge time is amazing. You don't have to wait 4-8         hours to get full charged anymore. Buy This!!

6. Think Tank Sub Urban Disguise 30 Shoulder Bag $84.75                                                               Sick of carry your big bang or a giant roller case with you every time you want to go out?           Well then this is perfect for you. Think Tank is the only bag manufacture that we use and           their products are tough and very well built.

7. Rode Microphones VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone $59.00                                    Ever recorded a video with your camera or your phone? Did the audio not sound like it              should? Call Adorama and order up what is one of the premiere mic companies in the                industry.

8. Flashpoint 10' Background Support System - Cushioned $59.95                                                   Want a studio setup that you can break down very easy? This is the best way to go. We use       this setup for portrait work and product work. Just use paper or fabric backdrop and you           are ready to go.  

9. Giottos Optical Cleaning Bundle with Rocket Air Blaster, Brush & Liquid. $12.95                           Fact is that we need to keep our gear clean. There is no better way to do that than to get a         kit. This is a perfect thing to keep that expensive gear clean and ready to go. 

10. Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop CC (Available Directly Through Adobe) $10.00 a month              I get asked all the time about editing software. I have been using Adobe Lightroom for              more than 7 years now. They have since moved to the cloud and it's great. The updates,              along with the fact that you get both Lightroom and Photoshop for $10 a month is more            than worth it.