Creating Content

Have you ever found yourself with no jobs scheduled on a certain day and the weather is terrible, yet you wonder what you can do for yourself and your business? Well I am going to discuss that today. 

So you wake up at 8 am on a Tuesday morning and you soon discover that you have no jobs on the schedule. You look outside thinking it would be a great day to create some content for your website, blog, and even social media. At that moment you discover that it is overcast and raining. Immediately your urge to do anything is suddenly gone. So you sit down at the kitchen table to have a cup of coffee and try to brainstorm something to do. Nothing, and I mean nothing is coming to mind. All you want to do at this point is curl back up into bed or curl up on the couch and waste the day watch television. 

Right then is when you need to stop and think about that decision. Do you really believe that sitting around all day will help you get the next job or really change your abilities? Instead of sitting around and waste your entire day lets go over some things that you should be doing.

All of us as content creators have plenty of back stock photos, videos, stories, etc. So the first thing that you should be doing is pick a topic, I don't care what it is and go through old content to create new content. Go through those old photos and  pick some that you may not have shared before. Now do start the editing and once completed you have accomplished something. You have now created content to share and draw attention to. 

Next thing you need to do is learn. When was the last time you attempted to learn something about creating content?  Everyday, content creators should be trying to learn something of do something outside our comfort zone. If you subscribe to Adobe's Creative Cloud, do you have a strong grasp on the programs that you are paying for? I typically use Lightroom for my photo editing, but during down time I try and learn something new with Photoshop. I pay for it, why am I not learning what it's capable of? You don't need a book or an expensive resource. You have internet access, so pull up Youtube and start watching videos on how to do things. There are numerous content creators to learn from. People like Jared Polin of FroKnowsPhoto and KelbyOne are both great resources. 

Now that we have gotten past the idea of spending time creating content, we should focus on the business itself. Are you contacting clients as well as building a larger client base? Do you have your Google Analytics Certification? These are all things that you should be working on. Learn how to not only create the content, but learn how to get it out to people as well. We are in the digital age and creating content isn't the only thing you have to do. You have to get it to the people that you want to see it. Learn how SEO's work and learn how to best utilize social media as well. Build a following, and do it organically before spending your advertising dollars. 

This is just a brief way that you can easily and proactively fill an 8 hour day. So next time you think there is nothing to do, remember there is always something that can be done to improve your business without spending money and yet learning more things. I hope this gives you a little insight into how your "free time" should be spent if you want to be successful.