Right Place at the Right Time

Have you ever thought to yourself that there is no way that you want to do a job for that much money? Well my suggestion would be to think again. Unless you are someone like Peter Hurley that gets paid thousands of dollars an hour, not a shoot you'd better look at the opportunities around you.

What if you were invited to shoot a local event at a minimal amount of pay, would you do it? Yes we preach all the time that we don't need to do that for a portfolio or the I deserve more than that. I have been in the same boat before, but here's what you have to remember, sometimes you do things just because you want to and then end up being in the right place at the right time.

In the age of social media, it's still important to have face to face social interaction with people. Get out there and let people see you working. Introduce yourself to people, and not just the people that you think can do something for you. Life in business is a giant social interaction project. You need to be able to actually talk to people, and not just via a keyboard. 

After saying all of that, let me tell you what happened to me last week. I happen to be part of a social media group where someone posted that they were looking for a photographer for their open house event. I knew going in this wasn't a big budget thing, but I didn't care. It was a Saturday afternoon where I didn't have anything scheduled and thought it would be a great chance to not only make a little money, but it's also an opportunity to meet locals and cover a fun event. 

As you know, we at Damon's Photography do a lot of real estate photography as well as other subject matter. Well this really turned into the right place at the right time. As we were shooting this event, I was talking to the friend of a local artist that was there. What I didn't realize is that there was a very successful realtor also within earshot of the conversation. While discussing what exactly I do with the other party, the realtor happen to overhear that we do real estate photography. I was able to provide him some business cards before going to another area of the event.

So while I was walking around, I kept thinking to myself, if I didn't bother to follow my gut and all the steps that fell into place, I may not have met this real estate professional and I would not have made that connection. We are certainly hoping to work with him in the future and even if we don't fit his needs, at least I met a new friend and business networking partner. 

So in closing, make sure to really give consideration to things before just overlooking them due to a budget or money. Sometimes a $300 job can turn into a $3000 job. Keep up face to face networking. People want to be able to trust you, and face time is the best time to make that happen. 

Take care and have a wonderful day shooting.