Better Yourself

So you are a professional photographer, or any small business owner. Now what exactly are you doing to better yourself and your business?

I have been asked many times over, what is the advice you'd give someone looking at starting their own business, whether it's photography or anything else. The first thing I ask people is "what do you know about business?" As a photographer, taking actual photos is not even half the business. When I tell people this they seem confused and this is a perfect point. Many think that taking photos is all a photographer really does. 

When people ask me to elaborate on what exactly I am talking about I explain to them that there is much more work that goes into advertising your brand, networking, traveling, billing, editing, posting, equipment repairs, etc. The look on their face is one of surprised. I explain there are exception to all that based on who you are and your quality of work, but photography as a business but the basics still apply. 

So this all comes back to the key questions "What are you doing to better yourself?" Are you looking at new ways to broaden your brand? If you say yes, then what exactly is it? Are you taking business classes, learning SEO, learning how search engines work, getting face time with not only people in your business, but people in your community and other business fields? There are opportunities in all of these avenues and you have to capitalize on them. Stop looking at the small picture and concentrate on the bigger one. Educate yourself in all fields, even the ones that you don't see immediate return on. Learn how things work and learn how to maximize your true potential. if you don't then you are going to be stuck doing the same things over and over and never actually bettering yourself. 

Now get out there and learn how to do it better than you were doing it yesterday.