Welcome to Damon's Photography. First off let me extend a thank you for taking time to come see Chattanooga's Premiere Photographer.

As I am sure you are wondering, who is Damon's Photography and what makes Damon's Photography different than every other photographer already in the area. With that in mind let me give you a little bit of a background on Damon's Photography.

I am originally from Wisconsin. After 38 years of cold weather, snow, and long winters I decided that it was time to find a new home with better weather and an amazing view. That is exactly how I landed in Chattanooga. The Tennessee Valley is some of the most beautiful area in the country.

Growing up in a family with very creative people like my mother and my father, I found myself always drawn to be creative. My father used to shoot slide and film photos when I was growing up and I was nothing but fascinated by that. My mother, she has always been the artist, doing amazing chalk drawings.

As far as my background in photography goes, I am not the type of person to limit or label myself as one type of photographer or another. I pride myself at being successful at being able to photograph everything, and photograph everything very well. I have experience in photographing Weddings, Portraits, Professional Head Shots, Corporate Shoots, Real Estate, Boudoir, Sports, Automotive, Nature, along with Black & White prints.

Accompanying me on this journey is my wonderful girlfriend/assistant Ellen. Ellen is very familiar with the Chattanooga area since she went to high school here in Chattanooga and lived in the North Georgia area for more than twenty years after graduating high school. Ellen handles most of the marketing at Damon's Photography, along with all the office work, and appointments. She also is our second shooter and has an amazing eye for her subject matter.   

Ellen has a background in the hospitality and Motorsports industry.  Previously she held positions as a chef for a larger Atlanta based company that handled high-end catering along with cooking for private schools etc. After leaving there, she became an office manager and hospitality director for a multi-million dollar company. With all of Ellen's varied background, she brings a wealth of information and experience to Damon's Photography. 

So what makes me different than other photographers that you could choose, well the answer is simple. I take every project as personal as possible. Your wedding is just as important to me as taking photos of my own mother. Damon's Photography provides you with photos that we would hang in our own home.